JC Street Kids


JC StreetKids is our Charitable Foundation, created to help support two of our favorite organisations – The Lighthouse Foundation and Challenge Australia.

For Cheryle and Julie Street, giving back to our community is one of the key reasons they decided to open an estate agency. A percentage of all of our fees goes to these two charitable groups, and we will also be running charity evenings in the future to offer further support.

The Lighthouse Foundation offers help to young people who have been in situations of domestic abuse or living hard on the streets. They offer a unique model of care, whereby four young people live in a care house with a full time carer. They offer love and a stable family environment to help these kids flourish. We met with the founder Sue Barton recently, and were astonished to hear of her history of fostering children in Australia. Sue has recently won Melburnian of the Year – we are honored to be associated with The Lighthouse Foundation.

Challenge Australia is a charity very close to our hearts, as Cheryle has lost a loved daughter, Lauren to cancer only a few years ago. Challenge offer incredible support to the entire family during very difficult circumtances. Below we attach a story from the Herald Sun featuring both Cheryle and Lauren, just prior to her passing.


Should you have any queries about our foundation or contribution, please do contact Iolanthe on (03) 9600 4988


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