Spring is in the air!

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The sun is starting to shine, grass is being cut and the sweet scent of blossom wafts through the air. It is these tell tale signs that mark the beginning of the spring social season. For the J.C Street girls this is an exciting, hectic and action packed time of the year.   

Spring Racing Carnival… The countdown is over. Couture dresses, sparkling jewels, extravagant hats and sensational stilettos complimented by a day off and glass of Champagne. What more could a girl want? So unless Mother Nature rains on our parade the J.C Street girls will be at the spectacle just before the first horse jumps.

We would love to see you at the race. Who will you be? Where will you be? And most importantly what will you wear?

 As we don’t take well to falling down rabbit holes remember to let one of the girls know where to find you!


Reserve Bank Interest Rate Announcement

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It’s good news for mortgage holders today – the Reserve Bank has opted to keep rates on hold.

Although there has been talk of rate rises in recent weeks, the RBA has adopted a wait-and-see approach for another month and left official rates at 4.5 per cent. 

“Many people were bracing themselves for bad news today,” says Domain.com.au blogger Carolyn Boyd. 

Each 0.25 per cent interest rate rise adds another $50 to the monthly cost of an average mortgage. Australian mortgage holders are already paying about $300 more per month in repayments than they were a year ago. 

Boyd says there is a chance of one or more interest rate rises before the end of the year. Mortgage holders should prepare now and start paying a little extra off their loans each week or month. 

The property market has remained steady in recent weeks and there has been a slower than usual start to the spring selling season. It is expected the property market will remain balanced through spring. 

Source: domian.com.au

Funding a retrofit

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The City of Melbourne can now help building owners obtain finance for retrofit works that will reduce energy use, save water and lower carbon emissions through the city’s 1200 Buildings Program.

An amendment to Victorian legislation means financial institutions will be able to advance funds to commercial building owners for environmental retrofitting works. These funds will be recovered by the City of Melbourne through a charge linked to rates collection.

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Top 10 renovation mistakes

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Planning to succeed is the key to adding value.

If you’re planning a renovation, there are 10 sure-fire ways to devalue it, according to building advisory service Archicentre.

These range from poor planning to going over the top on things such as taps and ovens. Archicentre’s Angus Kell says the most important step to ensuring value from a renovation is good planning.

If you are renovating in stages, you need a master plan so you don’t waste money.

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Brits to sell off Toorak outposts

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A plan by the cash-strapped British government to offload some of its Australian properties has set the scene for some major real estate action in Melbourne‘s richest suburb in the new year.

Tough times in Britain have prompted the sale of three Australian properties, including two top-end homes in Toorak and a mansion in Vaucluse, Sydney. British diplomats will be expected to live in more modest city apartments, according to the British Foreign Office.

A spokeswoman for the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office said the residences would be put on the market next year and replaced with properties ”more fit for purpose”.

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Costco pumps $140m into Aussie growth

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Costco’s only Australian store made $8.9 million in sales and membership fees in its first two weeks of operation, as customers flocked to the warehouse discount outlet.  

But Costco Wholesale Australia made an overall loss of $14 million in the year to August 31, 2009, due to the costs of establishing its second store and headquarters in New South Wales, its special purpose annual report revealed.

The company had reported an annual loss of $2.4 million in the previous year due to the cost of establishing its maiden store at Melbourne‘s Docklands.

That store opened on August 17, 2009, and the annual report, filed with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission on Tuesday, reflects sales during its first two weeks of operation.

Costco now has 345 employees in Australia and an annual salary bill of more than $9 million.

The annual report also reveals that its parent company in America has injected another $140 million worth of capital into the company.

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Under the Hammer – Channel 7

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The secrets of the property market are unlocked in UNDER THE HAMMER, Channel Seven’s new documentary series that takes viewers beyond the front gate and into the wild world of real estate.

Featuring J.C Street Real Estate!

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