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Docklands’ Favorite Bikie!

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If you come to visit J.C Street in the near future at LifeLab in the Docklands, likelihood is that unless you catch the City Circle Tram to HarbourTown, you are likely to park  your car. You’ll meet Vince, also known as Fester. You’ll know him immediately because he is one of Dockland’s most colourful and kind characters.

Apart from brightening the lives of Docklands workers and visitors every day with a kind word or (in my case) a pinch of the cheek, Vince is also part of a bike group called  B.A.C.A. These bikers are destroying the image of the ‘bad’ boys, as they join together for good in protecting childern from harm and abuse.

Vince (also known by his nickname ‘Fester’) is a proud Dad of 3 children, so making sure that kids are safe is important to him. B.A.C.A. let children they are protecting know they are there for them 24 hours a day. If the child calls the B.A.C.A bikies, they immediately come to assist and alert anyone threatening the child that they are around.

Vince also has a gorgeous pet piglet ‘Miss Piggy’ who you can sometime see being walked around Docklands with J.C Street’s most precious pet, Bella.

Docklands Public Discussion Forum

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Photo's of Docklands icons

A very interesting meeting occurred at Digital Harbour on Thursday 10th September. Living and working at Melbourne’s Docklands, it was great to be able to convene with other business owners here to discuss ideas for future success. Here we touch upon some of the key points discussed at the meeting.

  • Locals perceive that the visitors who come by Docklands consist of people who enjoy sporting events at Etihad Stadium, tourists from greater Melbourne who have come to see the SkyWheel or the new shopping precinct, or tourists coming to try dining in the Docklands area.
  • Some locals are thinking that artists could be given free rent for vacant, disused or awaiting development spaces. This could draw extra tourists to the area.
  • Residents note that they really love the sense of community in Docklands, and feel it is further supported by the 3008 Docklands magazine.
  • Residents feel that the media has been unfairly negative about the area, and that the City of Melbourne needs to do more to promote the Docklands area.
  • Having the City Circle tram run free to Docklands has brought more people to the area.
  • Having a post office in Docklands is great, as is the medical centre.
  • The Volvo Ocean Race was a successful event which drew many visitors to Docklands.

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