An Update on Serrata and the Docklands Community

July 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

Inset: Graphic design of proposed Serrata Interiors by Vivas LendLease

An ongoing discussion between LendLease and the Docklands Community continues regarding their new development called ‘Serrata’.

The Serrata apartment tower is set to take shape at 815 Bourke Street, and will be a 15-level, 144-unit complex, between Victoria Harbour and the Yarra River. A Vivas Lend Lease representative says the development provides an opportunity for Generation Y “first home buyers” with a desire for city living to get into the market. One bedroom apartments are priced from $385,000.

Vivas Lend Lease say they have been encouraged by the council to build more residential developments at Victoria Habour. Community members and purchasers of Montage and Mosaic (also by Vivas Lend Lease) feel that the Serrata apartments were not described adequately to them, and that mis-representation over the nature of the new block had occurred.

According to the Docklands News, Director of Lend Lease Hugh Martin has said that the system of approvals for new developments in Victoria is flawed. When asked why Lend Lease did not consult the community earlier, Mr Martin said that ‘You can’t display a master plan until it is approved’.  He re-iterated that it was a Government-driven site, and that consultation needed to primarily be with the Government initially. It sounds like the old dilemma of chicken – before – egg in the case of the Victoria Habour development.

What do you think of Serrata? Will it be deleterious to the quality of lifestyle and value of apartments at Montage and Mosaic? J.C Street eagerly look forward to the unveiling of the master plans for this development.




Docklands’ Favorite Bikie!

June 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

If you come to visit J.C Street in the near future at LifeLab in the Docklands, likelihood is that unless you catch the City Circle Tram to HarbourTown, you are likely to park  your car. You’ll meet Vince, also known as Fester. You’ll know him immediately because he is one of Dockland’s most colourful and kind characters.

Apart from brightening the lives of Docklands workers and visitors every day with a kind word or (in my case) a pinch of the cheek, Vince is also part of a bike group called  B.A.C.A. These bikers are destroying the image of the ‘bad’ boys, as they join together for good in protecting childern from harm and abuse.

Vince (also known by his nickname ‘Fester’) is a proud Dad of 3 children, so making sure that kids are safe is important to him. B.A.C.A. let children they are protecting know they are there for them 24 hours a day. If the child calls the B.A.C.A bikies, they immediately come to assist and alert anyone threatening the child that they are around.

Vince also has a gorgeous pet piglet ‘Miss Piggy’ who you can sometime see being walked around Docklands with J.C Street’s most precious pet, Bella.

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