Victorian Premier John Brumby’s $3.6 billion stamp duty steal

September 21, 2010 § Leave a comment


Struggling home buyers in Victoria have been slugged more than $3.6 billion by John Brumby‘s Labor Government in just 12 months as his tax take on property soars.

Figures released yesterday reveal the stamp duty rip-off increased by $800 million last year.

When Labor took power 11 years ago the annual tax was worth $1 billion.

 The revelation has prompted anger from property groups, who are demanding Premier John Brumby and Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu cut our stamp duty – the highest in Australia, the Herald Sun reports.

REIV spokesman Robert Larocca said it was time stamp duty tax was cut.

“This is not about giving away future increases. It is about making sure Victorians get a fair go in buying a house,” he said.

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Unlikely Pals Hit Docklands for Muscular Dystrophy

June 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Mick Gatto and Jerry Lewis. Strange bedfellows, no? Not when it comes to their big hearts for supporting Muscular Dystrophy.

In speaking to the Herald Sun recently, Lewis remarked “I’m telling you, whatever Mick was, whatever Mick is, I’ve never in my 84 years been as fortunate to get someone that lets me connect to them (like Mick does),” he said. “He’s some kind of man. He’s wonderful to me and he’s going to mean that I’ll probably be able to raise $50 million in one telethon here.”

Mick has previously run a charity benefit event for recovery from the Black Saturday Bush Fires. On Tuesday 22nd July Gatto ran a charity benefit at Docklands which was a total sell out at $1000.00 a head. Jerry has also attended a Etihad stadium game of Fremantle versus Carlton – donning the blue colors.

Gatto is helping Lewis arrange a telephon fund raising event to assist in his role as the ambassador for Muscular Dystrophy.

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