Cutting-edge training grounds at NAB Docklands

September 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

THE Academy sounds like it might be a military school or perhaps a music school. In reality, it is an impressive series of pod-like training offices for National Australia Bank staff at the Docklands headquarters.

Designed by BVN Architecture, The Academy is as playful as a child’s creche. Covering almost 1000 square metres, it provides an eclectic learning environment. Appearing almost haphazard, it has been finely tuned to meet the client’s brief. Architect Ninotschka Titchkosky, principal with BVN, worked on the project with her colleague, interior designer Megan Ronnfeldt and The Academy’s director, Maria Tassoni.

Used by NAB staff from around Australia, The Academy provides a variety of experiences. Embedded with floor lighting and a soundscape, there’s a welcoming sense of arrival. “It’s about leaving the desk and entering an entirely different environment. It’s deliberately an interactive virtual environment,” says Ronnfeldt, pointing out images of forests on blade walls at reception. Created by IT designers Eness, the imagery changes with the seasons. Snow scenes feature around Christmas.

The reception area sets the mood. Made from plywood, the joinery resembles neatly stacked children‘s blocks. “It feels more similar to a drop-in centre rather than a formal office. We wanted to entice staff to explore the space,” says Ronnfeldt.

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Parking Privileges for Car Poolers

April 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Do you work at Victoria Harbour? Sick of lonely drives in and out of the city? There is an interesting new transport solution for you on the cards – carpooling!

Check out all the local businesses which are involved, their own staff carpooling to work. These include ANZ, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Lend Lease and the National Australia Bank.

This is an inexpensive and flexible way of finding staff matches in your own business, as well as making new friends. The website is run by Access Melbourne, a group of employers who wish to support sustainable transport in Melbourne.

They have even got $10 a day carparking (a discounted rate) for carpoolers at Etihad stadium. And just to up the feelgood factor, for every registration to a donation of $1 is made to Kiva (a microcredit agency functioning in developing countries).

Toot toot!

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