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September 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

Fashion does more than inspire revolutions on the catwalk – it plays a huge role in influencing the way we decorate our homes. Nobody believes this to be truer than Melbourne-based stylist Bernadette Ferrari – who takes note of what designers unveil from one season to the next, drawing from their sassy, playful and inspirational collections each and every time.

A long-time favourite of French magazine editors, Isabel Marant delivered a stunning collection for spring/summer 2010. It was an edgy mix of sterling silvers, rustic browns, splashes of orange and faded denim. She threw in fur sleeveless jackets for a bohemian touch, while the rest of the range was all about fine details including feather earrings, striped shorts, suede fringe boots and all things 1970s.

Ferrari has used Marant’s collection to create a lounge room inspired by the French rising star, and we love the shabby-chic end result.

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Cat in a flat? It’s a purrrfect idea

September 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

If you’ve ever wanted to keep a cat in a flat, but thought the unit a whisker too small, think again.

A new study says keeping pets in city apartments is a purrrfect idea. It also advises how to get your paws on a building which is pet friendly.

And in a move which will set posh pooches tails wagging and get yuppie moggies purring with delight, developers of upmarket new buildings are said to be increasingly willing to accommodate animals.

One in four Australian households are now based in apartment blocks, says the Petcare Information and Advisory Service (PIAS), which is attempting to bust the myth that pets can’t live in small units.

“There is absolutely a perception out there that cats and dogs can’t live in units because they are too small … but it’s really not true,” PIAS spokeswoman Susie Willis said.

“Traditionally, people think you need a quarter-acre backyard for a dog to run about in, but most are just as happy in an apartment as long as you take the right steps.”

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