Highrise Primary School soon to join our community?

July 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

The request from locals for a primary school has been louder and louder of late. But will it happen in 3008?

According to the ABC website, a high-rise public school, common in big cities such as New York, might be constructed in Melbourne’s Docklands which is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Yesterday a meeting was held with Planning Minister Justin Madden, attended by Bronwyn Pike and the local community and media.

The Victorian Government has commissioned its planning body, VicUrban, to conduct a 12-month feasibility study for a primary school, in the highly urbanised Docklands precinct

Education Minister Bronwyn Pike said that the densely urbanised planning of Docklands will necessitate a creative outlook on the way the primary school is designed.

“When you have got a small footprint and you want space then go up, rather than spreading wide,” she said. This would mean that perhaps a primary school in Docklands wouldn’t have an oval, or very much outdoor area.

“So I think we will be looking at the best practices around the world in cities (like New York), and seeing what it is that Melbourne can create.”

“Do we need to have a stand-alone set of sports facilities and other things that we would normally put if you had a new school out in the outer areas of Melbourne?” she asked.

Luckily, the City of Melbourne has a rich diversity of places outdoors such as aquatic centres that any high-rise school could hopefully have access to.

Happy birthday Docklands, you gorgeous old girl you!


Community Alert: Harbour Esp Redevelopment

June 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

VicUrban recently sent around a circular to local tenants in the Docklands area, undating them on the redevelopment of Harbour Esplanade.

This is one of the first places most visitors to Docklands will visit, so its presentation is very important.

Some of the new additions to this bayside area will include:

  • The creation of a tree-lined boulevard
  • Realignment of tram tracks into the centre of Harbour Esplanade, similar to other signature streets in Melbourne
  • The construction of a new designated bicycle and improved pedestrian paths adjacent to the boulevard, and
  • The construction of two new tram stop

The idea is to make Docklands a ‘waterside park’ and soften the harsher edges of the concrete that visitors sometimes remark upon.

For more information and updates on this redevelopment, click here.

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